10 novembre 2014
de Sarah Tullamore
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Sister Act, Paris.

Co-produced by Stage Entertainment France and Whoopi Goldberg and performed at the Mogador Theatre, Paris. I played Sister Mary Martin of Tours (Soeur Marie-Antoinette en français) and was also Mother Superior and Sister Mary Lazarus first cover.

15 octobre 2014
de Sarah Tullamore
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The Broadway Musical Company

I was lead female singer for two National Broadway Compilation tours in Japan with the BMC (Broadway Musical Company) produced by Koransha. Musical Direction: Bernard Marchais.

11 octobre 2014
de Sarah
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Estelle Bright

« Une petite comédie musicale pour une grande personne ». My first ever one-woman musical that I wrote with Frédéric Baptiste about « Estelle », a joyous, optimistic « célibataire » (singleton) living in Paris. Directed by Frédéric Baptiste.