Sister Act, Paris.

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Co-produced by Stage Entertainment France and Whoopi Goldberg and performed at the Mogador Theatre, Paris. I played Sister Mary Martin of Tours (Soeur Marie-Antoinette en français) and was also Mother Superior and Sister Mary Lazarus first cover.

Here’s a selection of excerpts from the show for your enjoyment:

Ci-dessous quelques extraits du spectacle pour votre plaisir :

1. « Suis ta voix » (Raise your voice) :

2. Promo Medley for the very popular Sunday afternoon TV show « Vivement Dimanche » on France 2 where I play Sister Mary Lazarus. Check out the glasses !

3.  « L’amour se propage » (Spread the love) :

4.  « Suis ta voix » (Raise your voice). First ever promo concert at the American Cathedral, Paris where I play Sister Mary Lazarus for the first time :

Here are some TV documentaries/reports about the making of the show/behind the scenes/rehearsals:

5. On France 5 (Channel 5 on French TV), an excerpt from the programme « Ma Vie d’Artiste » :

6. A report from the programme « 66 Minutes » on M6 (Channel 6 on French TV) :

7. A wonderful documentary made about the show behind the scenes by the TV channel France 5 :

8. From the TF1 main evening news (French channel 1), including footage from our first ever promo at the American Cathedral in Paris with Alan Menken :

Sister Act reportage TF1


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