La Vie Parisienne

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Co-produced by Alain Sachs and the Théâtre Antoine, Paris. Directed by Alain Sachs. Musical Director : Patrice Peyrieras.

Performed at the Théâtre Antoine for two seasons. National French tour plus Switzerland and Belgium and then reprise at the Théâtre de Paris. Nominated Best Musical at the Molière Awards in 2010. I played the rôle of the Baroness de Gondremarck, the Swedish aristocrat visiting Paris. And I also played the flute throughout the show as well !

Some excerpts for your perusal :

TRIO (Vous serez notre guide…) and the Finale of Act 1 (La Vapeur nous amène…) :



And an interview with the show’s director, Alain Sachs (who looks remarkably like Offenbach himself !!) during rehearsals :

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