Estelle Bright

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« Une petite comédie musicale pour une grande personne ». My first ever one-woman musical that I wrote with Frédéric Baptiste about « Estelle », a joyous, optimistic « célibataire » (singleton) living in Paris. Directed by Frédéric Baptiste. Performed in various venues in and around Paris, on tour in France, (including the festival « Juste pour Rire Atlantique » in Nantes) and also in Luxemburg. Adapted into English and performed in southern England (The Yvonne Arnaud Theatre in Guildford and The Salisbury Playhouse in Salisbury).

Here are some trailers from the very first season :

1. Report on « Télé Matin », France 2 : 

2. « Visioscène » trailer : 

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