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Three easy-listening tracks. 1. He loves in stereo.  2. Fragile Intense. 3. I’ll never fall in love again.

1. HE LOVES IN STEREO – Lovely original song written by my talented friend, Nicky Baker. Arranged by Laurent Macé.


2. FRAGILE INTENSE – Another original song, this time in French, written by the equally talented singer-songwriter Léna Ka. Additional orchestration by Caroline Calen.

      Fragile Intense - Sarah Tullamore - Sarah Tullamore


3. I’LL NEVER FALL IN LOVE AGAIN – A simple, swingy piano/vocal version of the Burt Bacharach classic. Accompanied on piano by my partner in crime « de toujours », the fab Philippe Petit.

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  1. Never fall in love again…
    Why Don’t you ?
    Your voice sings iny heart, and makes me feel some quite good vibrations…
    Thinking of you ?… Yes I do ! Because thé smile you draw when singing in your kitchen is the symbol of happyness, peace, and well being.
    Loving the things you do, and Loving the love we make…

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