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1. Three tracks by « Le Cinq’tet ». 2. La Belle Vie. 3. « Estelle Bright » closing médley.


Three classic covers by my jazzy group, Le Cinq’tet. Fun jazz swing! Anne Riquel and Sarah Tullamore on vocals. Philippe Petit on piano, Christophe Gauthier on sax/flute and Laurent Fradelizi on double bass. Vocal arrangements by Sarah Tullamore. Musical arrangements: Sarah Tullamore assisted by Philippe Petit :

1a. Un homme et une femme/A man and a Woman (Francis Lai and Pierre Barouh)

1b. Sans Amour (from the French film : Huit Femmes)

1c. Marilyn Monroe Medley


Style : Classic Jazz. My acoustic version of La Belle Vie accompanied with brio by the inimitable Philippe Petit on piano . This song was first sung by Sacha Distel and later made famous the world over by Tony Bennett as « The Good Life ».

3. ESTELLE BRIGHT CLOSING MEDLEY – the « finale » medley to my one-woman musical, « Estelle Bright ». Conception, musical and vocal arrangement by Sarah Tullamore. Orchestration by Fred Dunis. Featuring the talented David Krüger.




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